Flamingobeak Boutique was born in Parma, Italy, from the partnership of two very different women, Nara Zafferri and Paola Robiolio Bose, who yet have in common a very precise estethic concept. The love for fashion and dressmaking, the vintage ones, the fascination of artisan work and of a garment tailored with all your heart, here is where they found their common ground.

There started the research of made in Italy fabrics and the choice of italian artisans bound to the territory. And with these artisans we have developed a personal relationship. We mold our ideas and their multi-year experience into our creations.

We take care of all the first steps of creation, from sketches to paper patterns and to apparel prototypes, with a strict control of details and wearability, before giving the manufacturing-ready samples to the skilled tailors.

This is how clothing, knitwear and shoes are born, timeless, made to last, sustainable and one of a kind, for those who want to wear handcrafted garments made with care and in limited edition, made to distinguish the wearer.

Fashion is craftsmanship, art and culture at the same time and, why not, fun. Through the way we wear we communicate who we are and interact with others in a non-verbal language. 



Flamingobeak Boutique

Via Cairoli, 11

43121 Parma IT

email: flamingobeak@gmail.com

phone: + 39 3926150132