We make knitwear in winter and summer

For a lifetime I have been looking for summer cotton knitwear in flea markets and second-hand shops. Short-sleeved top or without sleeve, with the stick at the waist, striped, solid color with jaquard designs. Because the t-shirts are nice, but I had in my heart those knitted ones I wore over the years' 80, with the very fresh, totally breathable, and above all eternal lotus tunnels.

This is why we at Flamingobeak wanted to present them again, and they had a great success, because they marry perfectly even with a pair of jeans, or with a white skirt, and you are immediately transported to the Grease set!

For the summer we choose the cotton from the best yarn, long yarn, and for the winter, quality wool, or merino or cashmere. 

The knitwear factory that carefully packs the garments for us is historical, has been handed down for generations, and knows perfectly the yield of each yarn according to its use, and helps us to always choose the one that best suits our project.

Life has two precious gifts: beauty and truth. The first I found in the heart of those who love and the second in the hands of those who work.
(Khalil Gibran)