There are two things you can't get enough of. Good friends and good shoes

This maxim of “Shoeaholic” par excellence Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City gets the point right. 

Especially for us women shoes are something more than a piece of clothing, they are sometimes a defense, sometimes a weapon, sometimes a comfort; weapons of seduction or comfortable friends in sport, in short, who among us does not go crazy?

I always wear the 12 heel because I can't concentrate on flat shoes.
(Victoria Beckham)

This is why we at Flamingobeak boutique have a real obsession for well-made shoes, and we rely on highly skilled craftsmen who make their work a true passion. When we design our new line with them, and we see that particular light in their eyes, we know we are hitting the mark.

Our shoes are comfortable, but they are also beautiful.


If I want a new pair of shoes, I buy a new pair of shoes. If I want to cuddle, I buy a new pair of shoes.
(barbyeturica, Twitter)